Close my Account

Close my Account

Ah man, we’d hate to see you go, but if you decide Weboso is not for you anymore, it’s just s few clicks to close your account. We want customers, not captives.

Drop us an email at team@weboso.io subject line 'Cancel my account'

Warning: Account closures can't be reversed. Once we delete your data and information, there's no way to retrieve it again. We won’t keep any data on file.

Please note: We cannot process any refunds after you close your account. If you're eligible for a refund, please contact Support directly to request a refund before you close your account. Once your account is closed, your account data is deleted and you will no longer be eligible for a refund as under our refund policy.

Note: In order to fulfil legal accounting obligations certain data may be retained in accordance with our document retention policies.

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