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Automated Response Management

This feature is available with Growth Pro and above

Automated communication with your customers via Email, and SMS All in one place – and never a response missed. A busy team is no reason not to respond to a potential customer! Make sure your potentials feel the love from day one with automatic bounce back from your socials, phones, contact forms…. you get the picture.

If you aren’t able to answer the phone or respond to messages all the time you will be missing out on conversations with prospective customers. Time poor customers will simply move on to the next company on the list in order to get what product or service they are TRYINGto buy. If customers can contact you via Facebook messenger, Google My business messenger – website contact form, live chat, or email then having automated responses will help keep that conversation alive until you can call them back. You have the chance to end their search if they feel their needs are going to be met by you.

Automated emails sent out to clients that have upcoming appointments, allows you to start selling before they arrive. Sending details of other customers who are happy with your service, reviews, testimonials, the reasons you are an expert in your field, and why YOU are better than your competitors all points towards more sales, more customers, and a better conversion from conversations to customers.

Why its good for business? All of this can be done without you having to lift a finger, automated, so you don’t have to text/email every time someone has booked an appointment with you. Saving you time, allowing you to spend more time doing what you are good at.

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