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Seamless bookings for your customer and you

This feature is available on all plans

Automated calendar and booking systems completely sync’d with your diary – making appointments of any kind convenient for YOU and your customers. So much more convenient than calling people back…. to book appointments…. to speak to them! Fill and plan your business’ week to be more efficient when dealing with more people.

Replaces Calendly - with integrated automation, your calendar and booking system are now one. Finally, a calendar that is like you: reliable, organised and the ultimate time-saving tool for business managers. Big tick.

Why its good for business? When a customer tries to get in touch and you’re not available - for whatever reason - whether the team’s busy, the phone was engaged, the delivery guy needed a signature…. chances are the customer will carry on looking. Once the enquiry is dealt with and automatically booked onto the system, they tick their box and STOP looking at your competitors.

More organised, more time and more confirmed customers. What’s not to love?

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