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Weboso CRM/Database Manger

This feature is available on all plans

Keep your full database in one place. Your lovely Weboso nest of contacts being lovingly nurtured. Super-safe, GDPR compliant and ready for your newsletter, special offer or Christmas card.

Seamlessly import all your data to one safe haven for your contact list.

No more names on excel sheets – or post it notes (we see you!) keep it all in one place, accessible through your Weboso app. Click to call, send a text,and automatically keep a record of it – always know the last contact made by the team, so no crossed wires and plenty of professional relationship building .

Pro database management is the first step to pro business building – key to nurturing a pipeline of potential and repeat custom.

Why its good for business? It’s all integrated with your website – so you can understand what pages your potential customer has seen, and therefore what they like about you. Customer Journey in marketing speak, common sense business building in ours.


Expert tip

When it comes to rankings, Google will give preference to websites that produce fresh content from time to time! This feature is done with this piece of knowledge in mind, which in turn gives you an edge over stagnant competitors. Visitors will also know you're active.

Win win!

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