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Live chat

This feature is available with Marketer Pro

We are all familiar with live chat on a website – it ONLY works if you get a response. This feature allows you to answer incoming questions from your phone, and also gathers details for you to remarket later on. Winning at business.

So many websites don’t have live chat, because it’s an expensive feature to add. Yet if you don’t have it covered and a prospect has a question, you may lose the chance to talk to them if they can't find the answer on your website – worse still, they keep scrolling and find your competitors' website and commit there. The hardest bit, is that you’d never know they'd been on your site, come and gone again.

Why its good for business? Live chat means they get the info they are looking for quicker, and can mean they will end their search for the service/products they are looking for. The quicker you stop their search the quicker they become your clients.

Even if you can’t answer their question right away, with Weboso you get a second bite at the cherry with the option to text later, so you can speak directly - even if they have left your website. Showing that level of customer service will help you convert that enquiry into a customer.

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