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Why taking Online Payments vital for your business

This feature is available on all plans

Take deposits, full payment, or set up recurring monthly subscriptions. All set up and, ready to rock and easy to track with your Weboso app.

It is so important for business owners to be able to take online payments. This will allow more flexibility and convenience when it comes to the customers they are trying to reach. Online payment methods can also help your company's bottom line by increasing sales, decreasing administrative costs, and improving customer service ...among heaps of other benefits.

It's vital for your company and customers, especially if you're looking to grow or start a new venture with a customer base that has grown beyond your local area.

Merchants can avoid the time-consuming task of having to answer phone calls from potential customers who don't have cash on hand, expand reach by accepting online payments internationally… and simply stop wasting your time waiting for people not to show up ….

Why its good for business? Similar to taking bookings online…. deposit = end of search So you’ve converted the customer before you’ve spoken to them and plugged the gap between bookings vs actual income.

Note: Weboso connects with online payment provider Stripe (who charge a % for processing, and will be onboarding alternative providers throughout the year)

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