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SMS & Email marketing

This feature is available with Growth Pro and above

Weboso replaces expensive providers like Mailchimp and hits higher delivery percentages. Win win.

Our pro-in-your-pocket set up allows you to build bulk emails like promos, newsletters and SMS Sale-Shots super easily and communicate regularly to that wonderful nest of contacts we’re nurturing for you. As it’s all in one place even the guy that called this morning gets included in your marketing shot – no need for the data entry scramble to update before a mailer is sent.

Talking to your existing customers more regularly, generally means they end up spending more money with you. Introduce your new services, tell them about new products, give loyal customers offers or reasons to buy from you again and again. Keep them engaged with your business rather than your competitors, which will end up increasing the over-lifetime value of any customer. Essentially, it’s much easier and cheaper to convince existing customers to buy from you again, than it is to find brand new customers every time.

Why its good for business? SMS marketing is personal, intimate and text messages rarely get ignored – and you know when customers are reading what you send them! Open rates are high, and timed well, response rate can even higher (Dominos text on a Friday afternoon anyone?)

Weboso are here to help make this really easy to do, all in one place. No scrabbling around trying to gather all those names and numbers to add to the list. Your Websoso website automatically adds all that into one central place to access any time.

The templated set up is easy and quick to use… here are our top 5 tips for getting it right:

1. The design should be recognisable as your brand – same as your ads and website – now is not the time to branch out into comic sans.

2. Keep it short and sweet with a focussed reason for the reader to buy/ enter/ react in some way.

3. Personalise your message – add the recipients’ name into the subject bar and personally address texts and emails.

4. Include images or GIFs to make the email more interesting and personal.

5. Always include an unsubscribe link in your messages so people can easily opt out of your communications if they want to do so. Annoying is not how we want to be remembered!

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